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Are you searching for the perfect freestanding braai for your home in South Africa? Home Fires is your first choice! We offer a comprehensive range of built-in and freestanding braais and fireplaces to give you the means to find the perfect fit for your home – whether you want a quality braai unit or have an option to generate heat in your home without the need for electricity and electrical applications. In this article, we discuss freestanding braais – why you should consider these units, and what you can expect when buying one.

Freestanding vs. Built-In

Several homes in South Africa have conventional fireplace wall cavities that feature chimneys. These wall cavities are ideal for a built-in braai. However, not every home has access to such a wall cavity or even a chimney for that matter. In such a case, a freestanding braai can be an ideal solution to avoid costly construction and installation costs. Our selection can also be perfect for your Lapa or veranda if you want an outdoor braai option. As a result, you can get a quality braai without the hassle.

The Model 800 Super Deluxe Freestanding Braai

Our selection of Super Deluxe freestanding braais includes their own box stands, 2,4 m worth of vertical flue pipes, and a rotating cowl base and top to simplify installation and deliver everything that you need for proper venting solutions. The model 800 features a conventional braai table, ashpan, potjie holder, and grid lifters. It also comes with touch-up paint and insulation material to finish off the installation process. This braai unit can hold wood and charcoal fires to match different flavour profiles.

The Model 1200 Super Deluxe Freestanding Braai

If you want a bigger freestanding braai, the model 1200 Super Deluxe can meet your needs. Featuring a split braai table that delivers two 500-mm x 460-mm braai grids, this unit is ideal for large gatherings and matching different flavour profiles simultaneously. This braai features an ember maker as well that is situated between the 2 braai grids to simplify the process of getting the fires started and keeping them going on both ends. It also includes insulation material and touch-up paint to finish off the installation process.

Home Fires is your first choice when you want to buy a freestanding braai in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details and prices on our available braais and fireplaces and place your order with us today. Bring out your best braai master this holiday season with Home Fires in your corner!

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