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Are you in the market for a gas braai in South Africa? Home Fires is your first choice! We offer an all-inclusive selection of gas and combo braais to ensure that you can get the ideal flavour profile from your braai. We also sell a selection of built-in and freestanding fireplaces to generate heat in your home without the need for electricity. Today, we talk about the benefits of using gas to cook food and some selections out of our range of gas braais.

The Benefits of Using Gas to Cook Food

People might not be aware of this, but the implementation of gas-powered cooking appliances is becoming ever so popular in restaurants and at home. Gas-powered cooking appliances offer stable and consistent heat to allow for more consistent cooking results. This translates to using a gas braai. No more waiting for the fire to be at an ideal temperature, and no more ash to clean up afterwards. Simply get your gas burner going and start to braai immediately – as simple as that.

The 800 Super Deluxe Gas Braai

If you want a built-in dedicated gas braai for your home, the 800 Super Deluxe is a good option. This braai is fitted with a 4-burner flat top gas grille, top and bottom doors, and an interior light fitting. The unit also includes insulation material and touch-up paint to finish off your installation. On special order, you can get the braai unit in stainless steel as well. These built-in units are ideally installed in areas that are properly ventilated such as a veranda or a Lapa.

The 1500 Combo Option C Braai

Our range of combo built-in braais delivers a gas braai and a table braai in a single unit. The 1500 Combo Option C gives you the best of both worlds to achieve 3 different flavour profiles when you want to braai. With a 4-burner flat top gas grille that is adjacent to a conventional table braai grid that can handle wood or charcoal fires, you have plenty of options. This braai also features a potjie holder if you want to get your potjie on.

Home Fires is your definitive answer to gas braais in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for more info on our available gas braais, braai accessories, and prices, and place your order with us directly. Take advantage of cooking food with gas with Home Fires in your corner this upcoming summer holiday season!

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