Your Supplier of Gas Griller Braais in Gauteng and the Western Cape

When you need a supplier of gas griller braais in Gauteng or the Western Cape, Home Fires is your first choice! We offer a sensible selection of gas griller flattops, as well as built-in gas braais, to give you the means to find the perfect fit for your home.

Loadshedding is causing major problems when it comes to the availability and usage of electricity in South Africa. Most homes are without electricity for hours on end on a daily basis – making it difficult to cook food whenever you want to. Luckily, Home Fires offers a solution to work around constant power failures with our range of gas griller braais!

Standard Gas Grillers

If you are looking for a standard gas griller braai that can be installed onto a countertop, Home Fires offers various options in this category. Ranging from 2- to 5-burner tops, you have the freedom to choose the ideal size to fit your available space and preferences. The Model 9904 Gas Griller Flattop braai delivers a 4-burner flattop that gives you control over various temperatures across the grid – allowing you to braai at the perfect temperature levels without having to wait for a wood or charcoal fire to make coals.

Built-In Gas Griller Braais

Built-in gas griller braais are designed to fit into a wall cavity that preferably connects to a chimney. These braais are perfect for the Lapa or veranda in your home – giving you the means to prepare food with gas-powered heat. The 800 Super Deluxe gas griller built-in braai features a 4-burner flattop, top and bottom doors, and an interior light fitting to illuminate the griller. It is also available in stainless steel on special order.

Combo Braais

When it comes to preparing and cooking food over open flames, you can achieve different flavour profiles when using different types of fire – wood, charcoal, or gas. With one of our built-in combo braais, you get the best of both worlds – conventional and gas-powered fires – to achieve your desired flavour profile and braai the way you want to. Our 1200 Combo Option B Braai features a 3-burner flattop next to a conventional table braai, with a potjie holder to give you everything that you need in a built-in braai.

Home Fires is your first choice when you want a gas griller braai for your home in the new year! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available braais and fireplaces and contact us today with any enquiries. Start cooking with gas in your home with Home Fires on your side!

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