Your Supplier of Open Fireplaces in South Africa

Open fireplaces date back to ancient times – where fireboxes or fire pits were constructed to generate heat, boil water, and cook food. In a modern world, an open fireplace still has its uses and benefits, and if you are looking for a supplier in South Africa, Home Fires is your first choice! We offer built-in and freestanding units to choose from. Now, you can enjoy the welcoming and relaxing ambiance of an open fire in your home with us on your side.

The 800 Built-In Double-Sided Fireplace

When you need an open fireplace that can double as a room divider and generate enough heat for rooms on both sides, the 800 Built-In Double-Sided unit is your ideal solution. This unit features 4 hinged glass doors, with a built-in damper system and a natural convection system. It generates heat for a total room volume of 180 m³ and runs on wood or anthracite charcoal. The unit also comes with a guarantee-certificate, along with touch-up paint and insulation material for those final touches. We also sell accommodating installation accessories such as flue pipes and cowls to properly ventilate the generated smoke.

The Farm Stove Fireplace

If you want a traditional approach to an open fireplace, the Farm Stove Fireplace is a feasible option. This freestanding unit doubles as a woodfired cooking appliance and delivers a rustic and robust design. The unit includes the body and the 2 doors, while the flue pipe, cowl, stand, and ashpan are sold separately. The top surface of the unit can be used as a cooking surface and to boil water, while the firebox generates heat for your home.

The Wall Fireplace Model 800

When you want a freestanding open fireplace that can comfortably stand next to a side wall, our Model 800 Wall Fireplace is your answer. This unit includes 1,2-m and 2,4-m flue pipes to ventilate the generate smoke through the roof or side wall, as well as a guarantee-certificate to give you the peace of mind that this unit is built to specific quality standards. It generates heat for a room volume of up to 120 m³ and is fuelled by wood or anthracite charcoal.

Home Fires is your first choice when it comes to open fireplaces in South Africa. We also sell closed slow-combustion woodburning and vent-free gas units. Feel free to browse our website for a complete rundown of our available units and order yours today. Make your house a home with Home Fires.

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