Your Supplier of Quality Freestanding Braais in South Africa

At the beginning of a new year, homeowners tend to search for innovative ways to improve their homes. This year can be the year that you finally get yourself a freestanding braai to bring the party to your house! Home Fires is your first choice when you want to buy a freestanding braai in Gauteng or the Western Cape – with a wide selection to ensure that you can get your hands on the ideal unit for your home.

Where Can I Install a Freestanding Braai?

A freestanding braai is intended to stand on its own – free from a wall cavity that feeds into a chimney. Preferably, these braais are ideally placed next to a side wall or in the corner of an open room, veranda, or your backyard Lapa. Most of these braais feature top flue pipe outlets, with some units including the fluepipes and cowls that fit the specific braai. Home Fires also separately sells flue pipes, cowl bases, and wall brackets to be your one-stop shop when you want to install a freestanding braai in your home.

The Model 800 Super Deluxe

Home Fires features the Model 800 Super Deluxe that includes a 2,4-m flue pipe and rotating cowl base and top for a complete package when buying a freestanding braai. The unit stands on its own box stand and features a potjie holder for when you want to get a potjie going. It accommodates wood and charcoal fires – with an ashpan to simplify cleaning afterwards. Its grid size is 780 mm x 460 mm to give you ample space when cooking your meats and other foods on the grid.

The Model 1200 Super Deluxe

If you need a large freestanding braai that features 2 half grids as opposed to a single grid, the Model 1200 Super Deluxe is your answer. This unit also includes a flue pipe and cowl base and top, along with the addition of an ember maker that is in between the 2 grids. The grids are 500 mm x 460 mm to give both sides more than enough room to braai. It also opens the possibility of having 2 fires that run on different temperature levels.

Home Fires is your supplier of freestanding braais in Gauteng and the Western Cape. Please browse our website for details on our available braais and fireplaces, and feel free to contact us with any enquiries. Start the new year with a brand-new freestanding braai for your home with Home Fires!

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