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Now We’re Cooking with Gas

The famous expression of “cooking with gas” relates to doing a task more efficiently than the previous endeavour. This expression came from the kitchen, where other appliances were not as effective as gas-powered appliances. To this day, kitchen appliances that run on gas are favoured by many, as gas allows for more control over temperatures and consistency when cooking food. If you prefer to braai using gas instead of an open fire that is fuelled by charcoal or wood, Home Fires offers a selection of gas braais to accommodate your needs.

Gas Griller Flat Top Braais

A gas griller flat top braai can be an ideal solution for people who want a gas grill in their kitchen. Since gas grillers do not create a lot of smoke, you do not have to worry so much about venting out the smoke from a fire when you want to braai. However, cooking hoods are highly recommended to vent the smoke/steam from the food that you will cook on your flat top. We offer a sensible range of gas griller flat top braais, along with the necessary accessories to ensure that you can make the most of your flat top gas braai at home.

Our Model 9903 gas braai features a 3-burner flat top grill and weighs in at a manageable 22 kg, making it a perfect fit in kitchens with cooking hoods. With about 500 mm x 200 mm grill space, you will have more than enough room to cook your favourite foods on your flat top gas braai – with optimal control over temperatures and heat consistency. This unit is available in 304 stainless steel only and can add some aesthetic value to the kitchen as a modernistic appliance.

Built-In Gas Braais

Our wide range of built-in braais feature Super Deluxe gas braais, as well as combo braais, to give you a braai that fits your preferences when you want a built-in braai unit for your home. Our 1000 Super Deluxe model features a 5-burner flat top gas grill, delivering about a 1 000-mm wide grill on which you can braai with complete control over 5 different burners. If you like your food cooked at specific temperatures and for specific times, this unit is the perfect solution for your home.

Home Fires is your answer when you want a gas braai at home, whether it is a simple flat top gas braai in the kitchen or a complete built-in gas braai unit. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available products and contact us directly for a quotation.

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