Gas Griller Braais for Sale

When you want to invest in a gas griller braai for your home in Gauteng or the Western Cape, Home Fires is your supplier! We have an all-inclusive range of freestanding, built-in, and gas griller braais, with all the necessary installation accessories that you need. The holidays are upon us, and the new year is rapidly approaching. If you are staying at home this holiday and hosting the family, Home Fires can be your answer to a brand-new gas griller braai!

Be More Energy Efficient

When using a gas griller braai, you cut down on the electricity usage in your home when cooking food. In a modern society, we try to be as energy efficient as possible, and with constant loadshedding, it has become challenging to rely on electrically powered appliances to cook food. By using a gas griller braai, you can be more energy efficient by decreasing electricity usage when preparing and cooking food. You will also have the advantage of saving time by avoiding the need for a wood or charcoal fire when you want to braai.

The Model 9903 Gas Griller Flat Top Braai

If you want a compact, yet effective, gas griller braai, the 9903 is your perfect pick. This braai features a 3-burner flat top that is equipped with round-bar s/s grids. This model includes a stainless-steel vaporiser plate and cast-iron burners for a perfect fit into a brick-built counter opening or as a stand-alone flat top braai. With 3 burners that cover its 500-mm grid, you can accurately control various temperatures across the grid to achieve perfection during a braai.

The 800 Super Deluxe Gas Braai

When you are looking for a built-in gas griller braai, the 800 Super Deluxe gas braai is an ideal candidate. This braai features a 4-burner flat top, with an internal light fitting to illuminate the interior braai area. It also comes with insulation material and touch-up paint to finish off the installation process and ensure that your braai is properly insulated. Home Fires also sells combo built-in options that feature a gas griller braai and a conventional table braai in a single unit.

Home Fires is your all-inclusive supplier of gas griller braais in Gauteng and the Western Cape! We sell a wide range of freestanding and built-in braai units that are ideal for this time of year. Please browse our website for details and place your order with us today. Get yourself a brand-new gas griller braai for this holiday season at Home Fires!

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