Slow Combustion Woodburning Fireplace

Built-In and Freestanding Woodburning Fireplaces for Your Home

Winter is upon us, and most of the country is already experiencing low temperatures as a result. To beat the cold, we utilise appliances such as grid heaters and air conditioners to regulate the temperature levels in our offices and homes. However, continuous loadshedding and power cuts can hamper these appliances, bringing us to the benefit of having a closed system slow combustion woodburning fireplace in your home during this winter season.

Why Should I Invest in a Woodburning Fireplace?

Apart from not needing electricity to generate heat, having a slow combustion woodburning fireplace in your home will give you the means to create a welcoming and cosy environment to enjoy during the colder months of the year. On top of that, we offer built-in and freestanding units to choose from, giving you the means to match your fireplace to the rest of the room/house. We also have gas-powered fireplaces that are available with different grate types to suit your preferences. Therefore, you are bound to find the perfect fireplace for your home at Home Fires.

Built-In Woodburning Fireplaces

Built-in slow combustion woodburning fireplaces are ideally installed in dedicated side wall cavities that have access to ventilation via a chimney or an exit through the side wall itself. The closed system ventilation also has an intake for air. Electric fans regulate the convection hot air flow around the unit to distribute hot air very quickly through the room. Luckily, when you buy a built-in woodburning fireplace at Home Fires, we can also provide you with all the extras and accessories that you require to ensure that the fireplace is properly ventilated and sealed, including insulation material, touch-up paint, and flue pipes to only name a few.

Freestanding Woodburning Fireplaces

If your home does not have a dedicated side wall cavity, a freestanding slow combustion fireplace can be a more feasible option. Such a fireplace utilises a top or rear flue pipe outlet for ventilation, which can route through the roof or the side wall that is directly next to the fireplace. We offer uniquely designed freestanding fireplaces that feature modern, vintage, or simplistic options – giving you a sensible selection to ensure that your fireplace sparks conversation and draws attention.

If you want to beat the cold in style this winter, Home Fires is your solution in South Africa. We offer a wide range of slow combustion woodburning fireplaces that are available in built-in or freestanding units. Please browse our website for details on our available fireplaces and feel free to contact us directly for a quotation today.

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