Your Supplier of Mobile Trolley Braais in South Africa

When you want to buy a mobile trolley braai in South Africa, Home Fires is your solution! We a sensible selection, along with a variety of mobile braais that are ideal for camping. These include fold-away braais and a bakkie braai kit for when you are exploring the wilderness at your own leisure. Our selection of mobile trolley braais is specifically manufactured to deliver a mobile option for the backyard cookouts – allowing you to move and place your braai on ideal spots. In this article, we talk about some of our options to give you a good idea of what to expect.

The Model 700 Light Mobile Trolley Braai

Sitting on a trolley frame that has 2 wheels on one end and 2 legs on the other, the Model 700 Light Mobile Trolley Braai is perfect for your backyard. It features an integrated ashpan, grid lifters, potjie holder, work surface, and is available in stainless steel on special order as well. The trolley only weighs 25 kg on its own and can accommodate wood and charcoal fires for different flavour profiles. The braai grid size is 680 mm x 460 mm.

The Model 800 Mobile Trolley Braai

If you want a more sophisticated mobile trolley braai, the Model 800 is your answer. This braai features an ember maker as well to assist with the fire. This trolley weighs 57 kg for a heavier and more sturdy option in direct comparison to the Model 700. The braai grid size is 550 mm x 460 mm and can accommodate wood and charcoal fires.

The Model 1200 SDL Mobile Trolley Braai

If you want a mobile trolley braai that is fitted with steel ductile castor wheels, the Model 1200 SDL is your solution. This braai features an integrated ashpan, 2 half braai grids, an ember maker, a warming drawer, a potjie holder, and a work surface for a complete and durable option. The trolley weighs 85 kg and is easier to move around because of the SDL castor wheels. The 2 braai grids are 500 mm x 460 mm in size and can accommodate wood and charcoal fires.

Home Fires is your comprehensive solution to a wide range of mobile trolley braais for sale in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details and prices on our available braais and order yours directly from us today. Get your hands on a new braai this upcoming summer holiday with Home Fires on your side!

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