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Slow-combustion fireplaces are designed and engineered to heat up your home for extended periods in comparison to open fireplaces. Home Fires offers a wide range that includes several unique designs, with a choice between built-in and freestanding units as well. Now, you can beat the cold during winter without ramping up the electricity usage in your home by using conventional heaters or air conditioners!

Built-in Slow Combustion Fireplaces

Our range of built-in slow-combustion fireplaces are perfect for homes with a dedicated wall cavity and chimney. We offer a sensible variety to ensure that you can buy the ideal size and design for your home. With a closed-face fireplace, the generated smoke must be vented through the roof or sidewall of the room. Therefore, we also sell accessories such as flue pipes, cowls, and wall brackets to give you the means to properly install your unit.

There is a certain warm and welcoming feeling of having a fireplace in your home. With a built-in slow-combustion fireplace, you can enjoy the warmth and tranquillity of a wood/coal fire without the need to consistently tend to the fire or inhale the generated smoke.

Freestanding Slow-Combustion Fireplaces

Our selection of freestanding slow-combustion fireplaces is ideal for homes that do not have dedicated wall cavities and offers a solution to install a fireplace in almost any room in your home. These units are ideally installed next to a sidewall or in the corner of a room to ensure that the unit can be properly vented through the sidewall or roof directly above it.

Dovre’s freestanding units feature monolithic designs that are perfect for the modern home. They also have options for those who prefer the vintage look. We also have our personal brand of slow-combustion freestanding fireplaces, giving you several options in this category to match your home and personal preference.

Winter is Upon Us

Winter is here and it is predicted to be a long and cold one for us in South Africa. We will also deal with constant power cuts as a result of loadshedding throughout the winter months – adding yet another challenge for us to overcome. With a slow-combustion fireplace, you can generate some much-needed heat and warmth in your home, without the need for electricity.

Home Fires is your first choice when you want a slow-combustion fireplace in your home. We also sell braais and accessories for our available units. Please browse our website for specifications, images, and prices on our available fireplaces and transform your home into a welcoming hearth this winter.

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