Gas Braai

A Selection of Gas Braais for your Home

Gas-powered kitchen appliances are making a resurgence in modern and professional kitchens around the world. Such appliances offer more control and precision regarding heat levels and cooking times, making them ideal for several applications, including a weekend braai. If you are looking for a gas braai for your home, Home Fires is your first choice. We have a sensible selection of gas braais to ensure that you can get the ideal option for your home.

A Gas Braai in My Kitchen

Gas griller flat-top braais are perfect for modern kitchens with cooking hoods. These grillers are versatile and can be utilised for several applications in the kitchen. We offer a selection of flat-top gas griller braais that ranges from a 2-burner flat top to a 5-burner flat top. Therefore, you can buy the ideal gas braai for your kitchen and enjoy the benefits of using a gas-powered appliance as opposed to relying on a conventional flat top that is powered by electricity.

Built-In Gas Braai Units

Built-in braais are ideal for giving you a designated place to braai in your home. With a built-in gas braai, you get additional benefits. A wood/coal fire takes time to reach the perfect heat temperatures and can be difficult to maintain at that specific temperature. On top of that, such a fire leaves behind a large pile of ashes afterwards. With a gas braai, you can instantly reach and maintain the ideal braai temperatures and do not have to deal with ash afterwards.

Combo Built-In Braais

At Home Fires, we offer combo built-in braais that feature a gas griller flat top on one side and a conventional wood/coal fire area on the other. As a result, you can braai the way you want to without being limited to a specific type of braai. Some people prefer wood or coal fires, while others love the benefit of utilising gas to get the job done. With one of our combo built-in braais, you have the best of both worlds to bring out the braai master in you.

Home Fires is your first choice when it comes to gas braais for your home in South Africa. We also sell various accessories to accompany your gas braai. Feel free to browse our website for prices and specifications on our available models. Kick off the new year with a brand-new braai for your home.

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