Professional Braai Manufacturers in South Africa

Are you in the market for a new braai for your home? Home Fires is your first choice in braai manufacturers in South Africa! We offer built-in, freestanding, and mobile braais that include gas braais as well to give you a comprehensive selection and find the perfect fit for your home and preferences. With the summer holidays around the corner, now is an ideal time to get your hands on a brand-new braai for your home. In this article, we discuss some of our options to give you a good idea of what to expect from our range.

The 800 Economaster Braai

If you are looking for an affordable built-in option, the Economaster range has you covered. As braai manufacturers, we understand the importance of delivering affordable options that still feature quality and functionality. The Model 800 Economaster features a table braai grid that is 550 mm x 450 mm. It also features an ashpan, potjie holder, ember maker, and interior light fitting to shine some light on the braai grid. It also has top and bottom doors to allow you to close the unit when not in use. The Economaster range is manufactured from 2,5-mm mild steel.

The 1200 Combo Option B Braai

As braai manufacturers in South Africa, we know that there are several flavour profile preferences. As a result, we have our combo built-in range that delivers a conventional braai table grid adjacent to a gas griller in one unit. The 1200 Combo Option B features a 3-burner gas griller and a table braai grid size of 550 mm x 460 mm. It also features an ash drawer, and the braai grid is height adjustable. This built-in braai allows you to achieve 3 different flavour profiles to suit the preferences of your guests and yourself.

The Model 1000 Mobile Trolley Braai

South Africans love backyard cookouts and camping, with both requiring mobile braais to make life easy. As braai manufacturers, we manufacture a selection of mobile braais that includes trolley and fold-away options. The Model 1000 Mobile Trolley braai features an integrated ashpan, ember maker, potjie holder, work surface, and grid lifters. The table braai grid size is 750 mm x 460 mm, and the braai sits on a sturdy mobile trolley that is fitted with 2 wheels and 2 legs. As a result, you can move this braai to ideal spots in your backyard and keep it out of harsh weather conditions when not using it.

Home Fires is your first choice in braai manufacturers in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website and find an ideal fit that works for your home and your preferences.

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