Built-In Braai

Enjoy an Indoor Braai this Winter!

Winter is upon us, bringing the cold that interferes with our outdoor braais over the weekends. Luckily, Home Fires has the solution with our selection of built-in indoor braai units. With a built-in braai, you can forget about braving the cold weather and enjoy a cosy indoors braai instead.

Fire vs Gas

Since most households in South Africa love to braai, everyone has their own preferences to how they braai. Some prefer a wood fire, while others prefer a charcoal fire. Gas braais have also become extremely popular as they are easy to use and less hassle than conventional fires. No matter your preference, we have a built-in braai that will suit your needs. We also have a selection of sizes to accommodate your available space.

Built-In Gas Braais

Our 1000 Super Deluxe Gas Braai unit is perfect for a house or kitchen with gas lines. This unit features a 5-burner flat-top grill for a large braai surface. This also allows you to control the heat of your braai on specific areas of the grill. The unit includes an interior light fitting as well, with top and bottom doors. If you want a built-in braai that offers the control and efficiency of gas as opposed to wood or charcoal fires, our Super Deluxe Gas Braai range is your answer.

Built-In Wood/Charcoal Braais

If you prefer a wood or charcoal fire for a braai, our 800 Deluxe built-in braai unit can be a perfect fit in your home. This braai has a grid size of 550 mm x 460 mm and includes an ashpan to collect and remove the ash from the unit afterwards. It also has a potjie holder to hook your potjie above the grid.

The 1200 Super Deluxe built-in braai is a larger unit that increases the grid size to 950 mm x 460 mm. With a larger surface to braai on, you can also control the temperatures more efficiently. Our Super Deluxe units include interior light fittings, ash drawers, grid lifters, and other useful braai accessories to give you everything that you need for a successful braai over the weekends. These units also come with insulation material and touch-up paint to finish off the installation.

Home Fires is your answer to a wide selection of built-in gas and wood/charcoal braais in South Africa. We also have essential braai accessories and supplies to keep your fires going. For more info on our built-in braais, please browse our website for prices and specifications. Enjoy your braais indoors this Winter with our built-in units.

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